Leading the way

A pioneer in digital business partner management, billbox has been assisting entrepreneurs in digitising and automating their accounting systems since the turn of the century.

At the end of the 1990s, digitisation of entire business processes was still unheard of. But we saw the huge potential in increasing efficiency in financial accounting and auditing - moving away from site-bound manual workflows and towards decentralised, transparent and automated processes.


With proven solutions for today and tomorrow

The billbox services we offer you today are the result of many years of experience in the market and close collaboration with our customers. Together, we find tailored solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.


And independence as our most valuable asset

We will always remain independent. This, in turn, ensures your independence, too, and the trust of our customers. We believe in consultation without compromise - and solutions that fit seamlessly into your existing structures and processes.

Who knows what the future of your business will be like? With billbox, you are best prepared for whatever comes your way! With digital accounting offering simple, individual and scalable solutions.

Florian Beckmann

billbox Founder and Managing Director, Sales & Finance

The billbox philosophy: Independent. Borderless. Service-centred.

Your data in safe hands

As a fully independent partner for the outsourcing of your supplier management, we only leverage in-house software and security-tested interfaces. Our solutions are independent and yet standardised, making them compatible with all common ERP systems.

Collaboration beyond borders

As part of our pioneering role, billbox international is your ideal solution for cross-border supplier management. We globally centralise your company's accounting, also for your branch offices, to perfect your commercial processes.

A real service partner

Our account managers are competent partners to you - personally and directly advising you with their extensive know-how in accounting, credit management, merchandise management, cash systems and the implementation of interfaces.

Our team for your billbox.

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