Great opportunities ahead

At billbox, a career is what our teams make of it!

Welcome to billbox. Serve customers worldwide in digital accounting and find your place in a future-centred work environment. Go your own way and actively shape the billbox success story.

Customer service managers, project managers, product managers, quality experts, accounting professionals and business information managers all find their way to us. As an owner-operated company, we offer flexibility and the freedom to take your individual career path.

Decide how you want to work today and leverage your ideas for tomorrow's solutions.

Job Training

An exciting start to your career

An apprenticeship to become a Bachelor Professional for Office Management is the ideal stepping stone to a varied professional career at billbox

Young minds are our driving force
Supporting new generations and sustainable careers are our most important drives for innovation. We look forward to welcoming every new member of the team, people we’re going to encourage and support closely on their journey entering the professional workforce. A subsequent course of studies can be excellently combined with a permanent position following our training.

Training in a technological environment
At billbox, you gain comprehensive know-how in all areas of the company and learn how to deal with our modern IT structure. In conjunction with your school education, we guide you step by step through all the topics and work assignments towards successfully mastering office management. Leverage your training at an globally-active acting industry pioneer and secure long-term advantages in the applicant market.

Passion is rewarded
You share our enthusiasm and want to make billbox a little bit better every day? Engaged trainees who qualify for a shortened two-year training course receive their own billbox Career Car, a Fiat 500.

Put the pedal to the metal! Nehmen Sie ihre Karriere in die Hand. Take charge of your career. We look forward to getting to know you.

If you have any questions regarding training and careers, please contact Catrin Beckmann at: Weitere hilfreiche Hinweise finden Sie auch unter unseren allgemeinen Bewerbungstipps.

Simply apply here.
You can find more information about our training in our brochure.

Application Hints

Apply today

Would you like to apply with us? You can access our dedicated job site by clicking on the respective job position. Here is where you can upload your application documents very conveniently. Please understand that we can not process applications received on paper/by post or email.

Remember a cover letter
In addition to your curriculum vitae and the most important references, your application must also include a cover letter. It should include your personal intentions, salary expectations and the earliest possible date of starting. Applying for a trainee position does not require any salary expectations and starting date. All documents must be uploaded as PDF files.

The process
As soon as your application has been received, we will compare your profile with the profile of the position. If your application has attracted our interest, we will invite you to an online video interview. Here you find more information on the Video Interview.

Along with the invitation, you will receive all the necessary information you need to best prepare for the call. Following this interview, we will invite you to meet us at our office in person.

You’re not the only one
During the application process, we endeavour to provide as transparent and comprehensive information as possible about billbox and the job position.

billbox Corporate Culture

As an owner-operated company, we’re not just a team, we’re a lively cross-connection of different minds and lifestyles.

Long-term careers are a matter close to our heart, along with the cohesion and exchange they foster, as well as thinking out of the box - all of them are indispensable for us.

A working day filled with fun and creativity
Bowling, waterskiing, summer barbecues, 5km charity runs, visits to museums, best-month-ever lunches and special Christmas festivities - regular events and everyday activities break through common routine, encouraging a relaxed social setting.

Flexible structure for more freedom
Our rotating early (8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.) and late (9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.) weeks leaves room for hobbies and other important things in life.

Small gestures make all the difference
Our health programme, for example: we try to contribute to the well-being of our employees by promoting healthy nutrition with a fully equipped kitchen and choices of exercise.

Our credo: only those who work with enthusiasm can inspire enthusiasm in others.

To me, billbox is a reliable employer and partner - which is something I value as much as the freedom to work and develop personally in line with my strengths and interests.

Christine Pabelick

Production Manager