Frequently asked questions about billbox

Is digital invoice processing compliant with current regulations?

Yes. National tax laws contain specific guidelines on digital accounting. In Germany, for example, this is the UStG (Value Added Tax Code) and its regulations regarding the law's implementation. Its primary focus is the deduction of input tax and operating expenses. Whether invoices are destroyed after processing with billbox or added to the digital records archive is up to our customers, who often consult their tax accountants or auditors on this matter.

Is billbox useful for my small business?

The ISM International School of Management concludes that any business having to process 75 or more incoming invoices per month will be hard-pressed to find a more convenient and profitable approach to supplier management. Businesses incurring a lower volume of invoices may still benefit, given circumstances such as the presence of significant transfer amounts, frequent travelling, running a decentralised, internationally positioned business or at times of considerable expansion. In those cases, billbox pays off right from the start.

Is billbox compatible to our POS, ERP, merchandise information and financial accounting systems?

billbox is compatible to all modern ERP and financial accounting systems. It is independent of POS (Point Of Sale) and merchandise management systems. It may however be advantageous to integrate billbox into POS and merchandise management systems. Due to its multitude of available interfaces to a number of leading systems, this is easy with billbox.

What kind of interfaces are available to transfer data to/from billbox?

Addison, Agenda, BMD, DATEV, Diamant, Dynamics, Filosof, FoxFibu, Lexware, micros, Multivers, Navision, SAGE, SAP, Scopevisio and many more.

How secure is billbox?

billbox utilises the same encryption levels as global financial institutions. Data privacy and data security are two of the main expenses in running billbox. Everything we do is second only to the security of customer data entrusted to us.

What happens to my original invoices?

Up until their final destruction — or optionally, their annual storage at our customers' site — original invoices are archived in our video-monitored, access-controlled and air-conditioned archives in the customer's respective country.

How does billbox scale?

billbox is scalable without limit. Even corporations dealing with several thousand invoices per month trust the change from fixed to variable costs and the itemised data quality and security of billbox. A volume of around 75 incoming invoices per month is a sensible downward limit unless special circumstances justify its use for smaller entities.

How long does it take to introduce billbox in my company?

As no software installation or new hardware is required, billbox can be introduced immediately at the first of any given month. Once we coordinated with a customer contact responsible for the project, the introduction will take between a fortnight and four weeks. In the absence of an in-house project manager, we can provide a consultant for a fee upon request, who will supervise the system introduction at your company.

Is billbox a software product? / Do I have to install anything on my computer?

No. billbox is a Web-based service that helps you digitise your invoice management, ensuring that all digital data is of high quality and accurate. Indiscriminate automation may provide temporary benefits. However, this approach frequently leads to the generation of corrupt data, in turn necessitating time-consuming manual correction efforts. We strongly believe that machine processing working in concert with human intelligence is the best combination for achieving lasting efficiency.

What do I save using billbox?

The more consistently billbox is used, the greater the savings. Savings range from a (difficult to quantify) light workload checking invoices (store, operation, branch, profit centre) to 80% time savings in supplier management all the way to optimisations in procurement and the incorporation of trade discounts. Some of our customers have reported a total reduction of expenses between 2.5% and 7.0%. In any case, net savings amount to several euros per incoming invoice.

How about my tax accountant?

Today, the vast majority of tax accountants are familiar with digital document posting, since all financial accounting systems now offer this option. Modern tax accountants generate revenue through consulting and service, not by manually logging documents into a financial accounting system. billbox radically facilitates these recurring processes. The consultant's time is freed to engage even more efficiently with his client, while his workload at the office is optimally spread out over the month due to continuously progressive accounting.

We operate internationally — is billbox available in other languages?

billbox is available in any language. Exotic languages involve a one-off translation fee.

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Our Service Hotline is available Monday to Friday
from 8:00 - 18:00 to answer your queries.
Phone: +41 44 25060 70
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