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Digital efficiency you can feel

cost reduction

Efficient working processes, as well as quick and convenient bill processing in billbox, saves you time and money. Reduce your costs with billbox and maximise your profit.


Every user can access billbox anytime from any computer, smartphone or tablet. They can retrieve bills and complete tasks regardless of their location. billbox is Web-based, so no extra software is required.


With billbox, you have an easy-to-understand presentation of bills, along with a uniform database featuring an intuitive, at-a-glance overview.


Invoice control, account assignment, invoice release and banking - all of these take place your billbox in a standardised workflow. If you like, the workflow can also be tailored to your individual requirements.

billbox is flexible - providing immediate and uncomplicated adaptation of the system and capacity to cover takeovers, new start-ups, a change of name, turnover of personnel, etc.
For full control, each user receives individual access authorisation. Access to billbox is protected by SSL encryption, the same kind of standard used for online banking.
billbox archives your data and bills securely and in line with all legal requirements for full compliancy. Your archived documents are accessible at any time.
billbox enables fast live analyses via detailed evaluation to help you be better informed.

User-friendliness was essential in taking our decision for billbox. How quickly do I get the data and information I need? With billbox, the time-consuming hunt for individual invoices or individual items is a thing of the past. Through the accurate capture of all invoices, drilling down from the supplier to the individual delivered items is possible at any time at the push of a button.

Michael Patrick Struck, Managing Director

Ruby Hotels

Your tool for optimal cash flow - accurate and consistent

You can view purchased quantities and prices of all items online at any time. This means price differences can be detected and calculated immediately. For added convenience, any table or statistic can be exported from billbox to Excel.

Purchase analysis

In a few easy steps, determine the sales of a specific account for a defined period of time. Unlike the single item evaluation, you will get a clear sales overview on the basis of accounts in the purchase analysis.

Overview of discounts

You will not miss a single discount. Unused discounts are avoidable supplier loans. Within the billbox discount overview, you have everything at a glance and can retrace and follow up on any non-deducted discount.


You can regularly take inventory in billbox and save inventories which have already been completed.

Item evaluation

Use filter functions to create specific product groups or daily reports of individual items.

Top suppliers

Filter your suppliers with regard to your total turnover. A useful tool, especially for end-of-year interviews and renegotiation with your suppliers and vendors.

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